Member Story 1

In late 2010, my wife and I were dealt a blow that we couldn’t have ever imagined possible…the inability to have children. Medically it was not possible so over night we lost the option of a natural conception & IVF.  Adoption takes 10 years so surrogacy is the path we chose as we now in our early 40’s.  One of the first things we were told on our initial enquiry was the possibility of having multiples as a consequence of doing IVF / surrogacy. The chance of this happening was somewhere between 60 – 70%.   The road just got bumpier…

After assessing all the available information, we pressed on…. after all, what wouldn’t you do to turn your dream into reality?  Our first attempt however was unsuccessful. Then our miracle took shape on the 20th December 2011 and we had confirmation on the 4th January 2012… the transfer was successful & our surrogate was pregnant.  To be honest I had every thought go through my head that went through your husband or partners once we found out we were not only ‘pregnant’ but with twins! As almost all of you went through the physical process of your pregnancy, we were left wondering how we could be possibly be involved half a world away. Trust me, you can if it is done right.  We received every scan, medical test result, ultrasound and daily update on our Surrogate and how the twins were doing. We watched our children grow; we fell in love with our surrogate and felt humbled by what she was doing for us.  We were humbled beyond belief and gave us hope that there are some extraordinarily wonderful people in this world.

In the end the wait was worth every second for our two healthy twin boys, Connor, 1850 grams & Christian 2050 grams, to arrive in this world on a perfect July morning in 2012.  Although born at 32 weeks + 2, the NICU Staff were as professional and lovely as we have met anywhere but it would be another 9 days before we could pick them up & hold them. Christian had a mild infection and was pretty much on antibiotics, Cpap & blue light therapy until the fourteenth day. We have recorded a lot of their milestones on an iPad App (Total Baby) and on the 10th day the boys went from the IV drip to 5mls of formula. It seems silly but to be off the drip was a great sign and watching them take it via a syringe was the first big step to them being released into our care.

On day 18 the boys joined us in our room, we were both in heaven and mortified as well. We were so far from home, in a foreign country we barely understood and had 2 little boys now depending 100% on us for everything. Feeding every 2 hours on the first night was a shock to our system. By morning we were shattered but we soon devised our strategy to work as a team to get some semblance of sleep. We were supposed to be admitted for 5 days until the doctors asked if we wanted to be discharged on the 4th morning & more than happy with our routine and calmness of being parents. They must have been NUTS!  Twenty-Six days later we touched down in Australia as a family.

From the first EPIN we attended when we were 3 months along right up to today, we have found a group of caring people who were willing to share their experiences with us. This vast knowledge bank has given us comfort & peace of mind knowing we had somewhere to go for help, support and understanding of multiple birth issues. Knowing you’re not alone was one of the critical things we are so glad we discovered.

Now? Well now we have two of the most beautiful boys that will be loved, cherished, fun, spoilt, troublesome & adored that any one of you would be proud to call your own.  Multiple madness has entered our life through the kindness, generosity and skillful hands of to many people to thank here individually. The perseverance of a dream has now become a reality…


Connor and Christian